Co-working space is a place where several workers from different companies share an office at a very low infrastructure cost. Co-working Space is a very good opportunity for those who want to start a new business as it involves zero investment. To start a new business what we need is a large sum of money while in Co-working Space no large sum of money needed. What we have to do is to pay some nominal charges. Co-working Space also allows for innovation as different people from different background easily connect with each other. There are an exchange of ideas and opinions. Co-working space also provides us other facilities like free wifi, snacks and we can play some indoor games also like pool, etc. In India, Co-working is increasing day by day. Co-working Space is also good for those who want to work as a team on a project. We even hire a meeting cabin on an hourly basis and also a personal cabin for boss. This is also very beneficial for those who work from home in isolation as in Co-working Space they are accompanied by many professionals. Some also provide refreshments, parcel acceptance, metro connectivity also. Co-working Space is also considered as a good option for freelancers. As the freelance economy is growing day-by-day. There is great flexibility in choosing your own hours and schedule.

Types of seats– There are various types of seat Co-working Space provides us. Some of them are-

Hot Seat– Hot seat is a very good option for those who want to start a new business. Under this, you will get a private seat including all facilities like dedicated slots, AC, wifi, etc. These all facilities are available at very nominal charges. Prices may vary according to the location.

Dedicated Desk– The dedicated desk is basically a permanent desk for which you have to pay some amount. The desk which you booked belongs to you means no one other than you can sit on that desk. Some Co-working spaces provide you coffee and even lunch.

Private Desk- Under this if you have a team of 4 members. Then you can purchase 4 dedicated seats and a personal cabin for a boss so that he/she can conduct meetings very easily.

Meeting Rooms– We can even hire a meeting room on an hourly basis at a specific amount. These meeting rooms are suitable for those who want to conduct seminars, persons who are working from home but they don’t have any space for client meetings than they can use these meeting rooms very easily.


Benefits of Coworking

  1. Networking– You can easily build great networks through Co-working space. It gives you a great opportunity to interact with people from various industries or sectors. This can also boost confidence as the Co-working space gives us a chance to interact with many individuals. We can gain more knowledge by meeting with different people from different backgrounds.
  2. Suitable for new business startups– Co-working space is very suitable for those who want to start a new business. They have good ideas and knowledge but have less money. They can start a new business through Co-working space very easily as this involves zero infrastructure costs. It is also suitable for small-scale businesses as they can minimize their cost through Co-working space. These spaces even help entrepreneurs to find a co-founder easily for their startups.
  3. Nominal charges– In this, we have to pay only nominal charges. This provide time to time discounts for their employees. They provide us various facilities like snacks, free wifi, office supplies, Helping staff and personal space are also included in the charges we pay.
  4. Better wifi connection– We can avail of better wifi connection in Co-working space offices. Their wifi is available 24/7.
  5. Grow your business faster– We can grow our business at a very fast pace through Co-working space. This saves our money and gives us an opportunity to meet new people from different fields. Better connections with different people can give us many ideas to expand our business.
  6. Increases motivation– Co-working space can increase our motivation also as we are surrounded by professionals and well-experienced people. These professionals give us the motivation and inspiration to learn.
  7. Increases productivity– Many people works from home. When we are at home we can be distracted very easily through which our mind does not work in a proper manner. As surrounding plays a very important role. Co-working space provides us a clean and comfortable environment which we can’t maintain at home as a house needs proper attention in terms of cleaning. Many Co-working spaces are accessible 24/7.
  8. Flexibility– s provides flexibility. There are no strict rules and norms to follow. There is also a desk option available in which a person can book a personal desk or seat for him. You can even cancel membership.
  9. Better equipment and technology– Co-working space provides us better equipment and technology which we can’t get at home. They provide us luxurious feel which motivates us to achieve more. They provide us comfortable chairs, desks and also a well air-conditioned office.
  10. Increase in creativity– Co-working space enhances our creativity, As we work with different people on different projects which enhances our creativity level. Basically this can boost your creativity.

Delhi– If you are looking for Coworking Space in Delhi then Janpath Hub is the best, which provides you the following facilities:-

Janpath Hub is a great Co-working space that provides you a better environment. This hub is open every day. They provide you many facilities like free and fast wifi, exclusive work area, free printing, meeting rooms, and cabins also available and so on. You can even book your free trial easily.

Janpath Hub is located at Connaught Place, in the center of Delhi. Connaught Place is in the heart of Delhi and Janpath Hub is located in that heart of Delhi. Commuting to and from Janpath is very convenient, it’s just 2-3 minutes walking distance from Janpath Metro Station and Rajiv Gandhi Metro Station. It is surrounded by many famous eating outlets.

So, do consider Janpath Hub as they provide you a better place to enhance your relations and to grow your business.